Local Brands that supports “No Single Use Plastic”

Local Brands that supports “No Single Use Plastic”

Disclaimer: This post about single use plastic and/or Eco- friendly lifestyle is done purely to spread awareness and is not in any way sponsored by any of the brands.

Hello Friends!

Yes I know, it’s been a while (like last year) since I’ve posted. But in my defense, we’ve been busy with the business, had some new learnings, other projects and other shenanigans. Basically life happened and “life + adulting” has taken over. So, yeah that should be accepted as a valid reason! Haha

We’ve been doing a lot of life-changing decisions lately and both decided that we should gravitate more towards a healthier, simple and sustainable lifestyle. I know it sounds like a slogan for a non-profit organization and it’s nothing new and people our age tend to do it, but I guess for us we wanted to be more conscious not just within ourselves but also with everything else around us. Part of it is to lessen our use of single use plastic and eventually have a more Eco-friendly lifestyle. Hopefully..*crosses fingers*

F has always been passionate about it from a young age, she said. When I say passionate, we sometime argue about it. She told me that when she was younger she was already segregating trash (biodegradable / non-biodegradable) at home but didn’t really get a lot of support from her mom. I guess just like all of us, convenience was more important than the environment back then. That’s a hard truth. Truth be told, she’s right! We should start giving importance to our environment. Start to put more attention on our trash and it’s not anymore a case of out of “sight out, out of mind” kind of mindset.

It’s hard, really! No BS. Coming from someone who’s been too dependent on using single use plastic myself. I was using it like it was normal, not even thinking about it. Yes, using single use plastic already became a “way of life” for many of us. It’s HARD, but not impossible.

We are not perfect, sometimes we still end up bringing home single use plastic every now and then. Sometimes we don’t have a choice because there are no other option or we forget and end up again to this “way of life”. This is a constant effort and we want to let you know you are not alone, we are all in this together *Cue music*

Part of the struggle is finding products that supports Eco-friendly lifestyle or lessens single use plastic. (By the way, if you haven’t read it, F posted some tips to start you off.) We’ve been trying to search other ways to do it and started looking for shops that support it. It’s quite hard to go to find shops near our place (Rizal) and most of the shops are a bit far from us and the commercial groceries and supermarkets are still yet to make significant efforts for this cause. We can opt for online shopping but that uses single use plastic in a form of plastic envelope used by couriers.

That’s why we decided to post a list of brands / businesses that are Eco-friendly or promotes no single use plastics so it can help others to know where to source consumer products near their areas. To spread awareness, help convince more people to support plastic-free products and hopefully make items readily available and affordable for everyone.

We’ve reached out to these brands personally and they’ve been very gracious to give us  information and some back story about their brand and products (I’ve also linked their names to their Instagram Handles). So without further ado…*drum roll*


Brands & Shops that Support “No Single Use Plastic”

Hoy Plastik!

Location: Tondo, Manila


THE GIST: They are a small-scale, start-up business that promotes baby steps to zero-waste. Their main goal is to create eco-friendly and organic products with affordable prices to have people switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

BACK STORY: According to Yen owner of Hoy Plastik!, they’re an online-based business that started last August 2018. They are a part of an Eco-friendly community in Intramuros, which is Old Manila Eco Market. If you’re somewhere near, you can find them in front of Manila Cathedral (Plaza de Roma) every Sundays (7AM – 7PM)

PRODUCTS: They have a line of hand-made organic shampoo and conditioner bars. Reusable straws (metal, silicone, bamboo and glass), bamboo toothbrush, bamboo cutlery and wooden combs.

PRICE: Their products range from PHP 70 to PHP 190 depending on what item you choose.

WHY WE INCLUDED THEM: As of writing, all their products are eco-friendly and promotes zero-waste lifestyle which includes saying no to single use plastic including their packaging.


Croft Bulk Foods (CBF)

LOCATION: Davao City

THE GIST: Founded in August 2018, they are a zero-waste bulk store that is also 100% plant-based and vegan.

BACK STORY: Sahara and Daniel own and operate “The Vegan Dinosaur” restaurant in Davao. When they visited Australia last 2018 , they were inspired by the amount of zero-waste options available. Upon returning back home & since they both follow a zero-waste lifestyle, they decided to setup a store (just across their restaurant) for unpacked items. Not just for the general public but also to supply their own restaurant with ingredients that used to be purchased in small packs  and to diminish their single use plastic packaging. From there, they gradually built up their product portfolio to what it is today.

Sahara and Daniel, are both vegan (6 and 10 years) and according to them it just made sense to set the business up to increase availability for both of them as well as others.

PRODUCTS: All their products are completely plant-based and vegan specializing in healthy whole food products (ranging from nuts, seed, grains, dried fruits, powders, cacao & coconut products) and non-food items like soap bars and liquid soap, bamboo straws and reusable bags.

PRICE: Price range are quite vast due to the background of their products. Basically the amount spent is dictated by their customers because they can buy as little or as much as they like ranging from 0.20 PHP / gram (200 PHP/ kg) to 1.40 PHP+ per gram (1,400 PHP/ kg) depending on the type of item

WHY WE INCLUDED THEM: Their store lessens single use plastic in twofold, their stocks are bought in bulk and they provide options for buyers to get as much as they needed (or as little) and encourage them to bring their own containers. Check out their website: www.croftbulkfoods.com

Payak PH

Location: Sampaloc, Manila

THE GIST: Payak is an advocacy and a small business that focuses on the daily pursuit of the simple and mindful lifestyle.

BACK STORY: They are a tree-hugging, mountain-climbing, beach-bumming group of friends who realized that their contributing “tiny unconscious actions” that snowballs into ruining the planet. Upon understanding the implications of those actions they’ve decided to come up with Payak.

They create content through their platform in the hopes of having people of the community join to reduce their carbon footprint by making simple and smarter choices. And with it, also try to help people embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle through the products they share.

PRODUCTS: Utensil Wraps, Enamel Mugs, Bamboo Toothbrush

PRICE: PHP 80 – PHP 300

WHY WE INCLUDED THEM: I personally follow them on Instagram even before I’ve done my research on these brands. At the moment they have a short product range but their content is what got me sold. I love their content since they promote not just eco-friendly lifestyle but also simple living in general, which we personally practice. Their post captions are sometimes witty and funny as well which is a plus.


Humble Market PH

Location: Mandaluyong City

THE GIST: Humble Market’s commitment is to provide alternative solutions for consumers and businesses to reduce single-use and unhealthy waste and save our health and environment. They provide natural, package-free, plastic-free and local products.

BACK STORY: Roanne Medina (founder of Humble Market) started to make lifestyle changes back in 2016 due to an illness she had been suffering from for three years. She did it by using more natural products, eating more whole foods and practicing more mindfulness. As she progressed with her new lifestyle, she became frustrated with her use of disposable plastic and packaging as it wasn’t aligned with what she values. Which sparked the idea for the business. Coming back home in late 2017, after living abroad she pitched the idea to 2 of her friends. The partnership however was short-lived and starting May 2018 she has been driving the business on her own with the help of her staff.

PRODUCTS: Food and drinks, personal care products, food ware and home products sold in bulk or individually.

PRICE: Varies (Food items: sold by weight or volume / Non-food items ranging from PHP 60 and up)

WHY WE INCLUDED THEM: They provide products in bulk which means less packaging, less single use plastic! Being a startup business ourselves, we love the fact that they support local suppliers. Find out more about them on their website: www.humblemarket.ph

Lunhaw PH

Location: Cagayan De Oro

THE GIST: Lunhaw Ph is a Cagayan de Oro based online shop that offers sustainable products as an alternative for single use plastic. The word “Lunhaw” is the bisaya translation for the color green – which is what they aim to have, a greener community, a greener Philippines, and a greener world.

BACK STORY: Lunhaw started with two nurses who wanted to do something more beyond the four walls of the hospital. Princess was fond of the mountains & Bea was fond of the ocean. 

Back in 2017, they gave out stainless straws to relatives and colleagues as Christmas gifts. People were asking thereafter where it can be bought. It was then they decided to bring these plastic alternatives close to home to make it easier and convenient for people to switch. They badly wanted to sell metal straws to spare hundreds and thousands of plastic straws from choking the turtles. Hence, the meeting of two green minds gave birth to Lunhaw PH sometime in March, 2018.

PRODUCTS: Their product-choice are based on the Top 10 trash items survey done last 2017. At the moment they have reusable straws (metal, glass & bamboo), reusable cotton produce bags, bamboo cutleries and bamboo toothbrushes.

PRICE: Their price ranges from PHP 35 – PHP 380. Having “Green Roll”, their zero-waste starter kit (bamboo cutleries & straw) as their bestseller.

WHY WE INCLUDED THEM: We love the fact that they started small and continued on pursuing the business not only for profit but for a higher purpose of eliminating single use plastic like plastic straws that pollute our seas.


Paralúman PH

Location: Quezon City

THE GIST: Paralúman carries budget-friendly reusable items for home and personal use. They also carry personal care products that are 100% biodegradeable, sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free.

BACK STORY: According to their Founder, it all started out as a need. Since local zero-waste stores were scarce (or even, non-existent) back in 2017. The people behind Paralúman first started curating affordable, zero-waste, and as much as possible locally handmade alternatives for friends and family. Through word of mouth, the brand grew, expanded, and still continues to inspire Filipinos from all walks of life.

PRODUCTS: Personal Care (From 100% biodegradable, sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free shampoo, conditioner and feminine bars, tooth powders and dry shampoos to bamboo & metal straws, cotton pounds, menstrual cups, all-metal shaving razors)

Home Use (Biodegradable loofah dish scrubbing pads, coco husk scourers, coco husk dish and bottle brushes, and locally-made wooden dinnerware)

Office & School Use: staple-free staplers, plantable pencils, and pencil extenders.

PRICE:  Ranging for PHP 20 – PHP 1,800 (depending on the product)

WHY WE INCLUDED THEM: Aside from a vast range of products not just for personal care as mentioned above, you can also choose to personalize wood & bamboo products using laser engraving service that they offer. But what we liked the most, “they only not care about the environment, but also about the people who live in it. 50% of the proceeds in all purchases go directly to their makers!” You can shop online thru shop.paraluman.ph

SUDS Bath & Body PH

Location: Quezon, City

THE GIST: SUDS is a company that strives to empower Filipinos to care for both their bodies and nature. The company believes that sustainable and all-natural bathing products need not to be expensive. SUDS aims to reduce your packaging waste footprint by making the daily bathing routine a mission to clean the earth. 

BACK STORY: According to Sophia, SUDS started out as a thesis project of 5 Management students from Ateneo last 2017. Their first products were artisanal bath soaps. After a few months, they quickly recognized the growing zero-waste movement and the need to care for Mother Earth. This led the team to create shampoo bars, and rebrand their image. From advocating only all-natural, artisanal soap, SUDS became a company that continuously strives to care for the environment by providing an avenue for Filipinos to lessen their plastic waste without sacrificing the quality of their daily bathing experience.

PRODUCTS: They offer a list of handmade shampoo and soap bars. Their bestsellers are: Bali, their coconut-infused bar and Maui, sultry black jasmine scented bar.

PRICE: Ranging fromPHP 200 (140g) – PHP 300 (5 different mini bars)

WHY WE INCLUDED THEM: All their products are handmade, natural, plastic-free, and cruelty-free. Also, they started realizing our effects to the environment at a young age, adjusted their products and branding to a more eco-friendly approach. How many young Filipinos do that! I sure am not one of those (during my time).

We actually found a lot more brands but it would be too long to read. So we’ll have a “Part 2”.

I’d like to thank all these brands and entrepreneurs behind it that actually responded and shared their story to a stranger like me. (I know I don’t have the most “legit” looking IG Account profile.) Thank You Guys! We hope all you readers check these brands out most especially those that are near they place of business. Thank you Faith , my Mom, Dad & brother for making this happen… Ooops wait that’s a different “thank you” piece. haha

Please note not all of the mentioned brands are 100% plastic-free, but these brands have made their efforts to take the first step and do something to help the environment and have a more sustainable lifestyle. I know having a zero-waste lifestyle is too ambitious for us, to anyone actually! So we can just take small steps and put some effort to actually start by maybe avoiding single use plastics. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change and not use single use plastics in a snap (although it would be awesome to do a Thanos snap on single use plastics). It takes time and patience and a bit of sacrifice. (So don’t judge us when you see us using plastic, we are also just trying our best – So ayun pala talaga yung point! Haha kidding!) And we hope these list helps.

Please let us know if you’ve tried any of them share your reviews if they’re a Yey! Or Nay! Maybe we’ll share our reviews in future posts. And if you know a brand that’s not on the list, let us know as well. If you’ve reach this part, thank you! It’s quite long so I won’t judge you if you now need to go and grab some snack (that’s what I’ll be doing after this and probably take a nap after haha) Ciao!


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