Althea Korea- My Online Shopping Experience

Althea Korea- My Online Shopping Experience
  1. Online shopping isn’t really new to me, I know it’s hard to expect so much from something or someone who you haven’t seen personally. That’s why I don’t blame people if some of them are skeptical with shopping or buying online. I’ve had good and bad experiences before and for this post let me tell you about my experience with Althea Korea. (Also, I’ll be sharing you a discount voucher worth P200).

But before that let me tell you the back story, I tend to get acne breakouts few days before my period and for some reason it has gotten worse lately (since we got home). Not sure why, but the products we usually use doesn’t seem to work anymore.  I’ve been trying different products that would suit my skin and the funny thing was when we were back home in Bulacan I found out that my brother who’s been regularly going to Belo told me he ditched the whole facial sessions and to my surprise he has completely switched to Korean products. He has been using it for more than a month and the results were amazing. He even have that glow on his cheeks, now I didn’t want to be impulsive and buy immediately so I tried using it for two days while I was there. It felt different not like any other products that I’ve used (and trust me I have tried quite A LOT). The smell is also something I cant describe, I wasn’t familiar with it. Once we were back home, I immediately googled the best online Korean store and that’s where I found Althea Korea.

It seems like a lot of Youtubers have already tried their services as well. I did try to check other Korean online shops but Althea Korea seems to have the best price and discount vouchers. I ordered 2 facial cleansers which cost me more than a thousand bucks (via COD) which made it free shipping  and I was also able to use their new member discount voucher NEW-PH which gave me P150 less (as you can see on the photo below.)

Althea Korea- Order

I placed my order thru their website last September 25 which was unfortunately a holiday in Korea. Since Althea Korea is based in Korea I had to wait until the holidays were over.

Honestly, I’ve been shopping online for a long time now but I was just really excited to get my order and decided to download their app so it would be easier for me to track it. I was checking it everyday! October 2, I got an email update that my order has been shipped. I was so happy to see that my order is finally on its way. I did expect the delay but I couldn’t wait ’til the holidays end to make my purchase. Here’s a photo of their tracking system, mine was handled by RINCOS and then Ninja van.

Althea Korea Tracking

I was really praying that my item will not have any issues like others I’ve read online plus, you can’t really raise a complaint to Althea Korea up until it reached more than 15 days and you still haven’t received the order.  I was still checking my app everyday so I was so thrilled when it changed to “On Vehicle for Delivery” last October 5. That’s only 3 days after I got my tracking number. Only 3 days people!!! The delivery guy even called me saying he was already outside. Here’s a photo of the package.

Althea Korea Package

I didn’t wait any longer and opened my package immediately. I must say, the packaging was superb with Althea Korea Box. It has bubble wrap outside the box and on the actual product. Just look at this photo, its sophisticated and it makes you feel special receiving such a fancy package. Two thumbs up for Althea Korea!

Althea Korea- Unboxed

If you want to try Althea Korea you can use  My Link and get P200 discount voucher. Who doesn’t love discounts?? right??? They have lots of promos going on and I’m sure you can find almost any Korean product in their online shop. Let me know which ones are your favorites and which ones works for you, leave a comment below.

It has been all Korean this week, from our previous blog- Korean BBQ to Althea Korea online shop. I hope you enjoyed our blog and hope it helped even just a little on your journey to get that Korean glow on your face. 🙂

Watch out for my review post on the products I have purchased as well.

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